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School of History


Our academics have research expertise from the early medieval period to the present and they practice many different forms of historical methodology.

They pride themselves on their PhD students. To them, supervising doctoral research is one of the most important and rewarding roles in their professional lives.

This page outlines the subjects covered by our PhD staff.

We have also compiled a list of Queen Mary students’ past and current theses.


Queen Mary’s historians can offer doctoral supervision across a range of subjects:

Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern

  • Medieval and early modern European history (with particular strengths in the study of culture, politics, religion and societies)
  • Crusades and Medieval Islam
  • Renaissance Europe
  • Eighteenth-century studies (especially cultural and social histories in Britain and France)

Modern and Contemporary

  • African, British, European and US history
  • Imperial history
  • International and military history
  • History of science and medicine
  • European Jewish History


  • History of the Emotions
  • Film history
  • Religious history
  • Visual, material, physical and spatial history
  • War and memory


  • Ancient, early modern and modern political thought, especially British and European
  • Burke, Hobbes, Mill
  • Civil conflict, democracy, empire and nationalism
  • The Enlightenment
  • Liberty and the state
  • Political theory


  • British history
  • French, German and Russian history
  • US history since the Civil War
  • Imperialism
  • Post-imperial Africa
  • Science and medicine
  • War and international affairs


For more information about the breadth of subjects researched at PhD level, browse a list of Queen Mary students’ past and current theses.