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School of History


Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Queen Mary, University of London is renowned for its pioneering contributions to the study of medieval and early modern Europe.

Our distinguished academics work across the disciplines to study a wide range of European history, all aspects of which are relevant to the world today.

This includes religious cultures, patronage of literature and arts, attitudes to minorities, travel and pilgrimage, and Europe’s links with Africa and the Near East.

All this and more is studied in conjunction with the Queen Mary Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (CREMS).

Digital Editing of Medieval Manuscripts

Digital Editing of Medieval Manuscripts is an exciting and innovative training programme, open to MA students interested in medieval history.  Fully funded by the EU, you will travel to three universities across Europe.  There you will meet students from Italy, France, Austria and the Czech Republic and learn how to work with medieval manuscripts and edit medieval texts.  You will also be trained in cutting-edge digital technologies (no previous IT experience needed!) and work alongside developers to publish your own edition online. Further information is available on the Digital Manuscripts(link is external)website or you can email the QMUL convenor Dr Eyal Poleg(link sends e-mail)  

Teaching staff

Staff teaching in this specialist area include:


Each year students will be offered a range of optional modules both in the School of History and in other Schools in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. These options are dependent upon the availability of specialist teachers, and therefore they change year by year. The availability of each optional module is also dependent upon student interest. 

The modules you can choose may include the following:

These modules are subject to change. For more information, see our complete list of modules.