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School of History


This module will explore the role of the church and clergy in late medieval London though three key themes. 

Module code: HST7333

Module organiser: Professor Virginia Davis 

Credits: 30

These themes are the ecclesiastical institutions in the City and its immediate environs; the clergy - secular and regular - and the laity's experience of parish life, including exploration of lay patronage, liturgical changes and music. 

The module will begin by exploring the administrative structure and general topography of the church in late medieval London, emphasising the richness of the range of major institutions which will include St Paul's cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

It will then examine the extremely diverse range of clergy who were to be found in London parishes and institutions who ranged from prelates of national importance to humble parish chantry chaplains and also included monks and friars. The third part of the module will explore parish life within a selected range of the myriad London parishes, looking at issues including as lay engagement with parochial life, especially relating to issues of commemoration, lay patronage of church fabric and gender roles within the parish.

Students will make extensive use of a wide range of source materials including those relating to visual and material culture and involve a series of field visits, archive and museum visits in addition to seminar teaching.