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School of History


Cultural History

What were the meanings of social and political relations, such as gender, family and friendship? How should we explore the history of emotion, the self and the body?

Our cultural historians will help you to compare regions and societies across time in order to understand why each one is unique, and why they are relevant to the world today.

Your modules will cover a range of exciting concepts, across a wealth of topics and periods.

Teaching staff

Staff teaching in this specialist area include:


Each year students will be offered a range of optional modules both in the School of History and in other Schools in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. These options are dependent upon the availability of specialist teachers, and therefore they change year by year. The availability of each optional module is also dependent upon student interest. 

The modules you can choose may include the following:

  • HST7202        Women and Gender in Georgian England
  • HST7329        Modern Girls?
  • HST7330        Selfhood and Enlightenment in the Long Eighteenth Century
  • HST7333        Church and Clergy in Late Medieval London
  • HST7335        Culture and Identity in Renaissance Italy 
  • HST7607        Cultural History: Europe and America
  • HST7406        The Holocaust and Beyond
  • HST7331        Consumer Cultures: The United States from the 1760s to the 1960s
  • HST7327        Islam in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia
  • HST7402        Modern Jewish History and Culture
  • HST7405        Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust

For more information, see our complete list of modules.