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School of History


American History

The USA lays claim to immense power: political, cultural and economic. How did this happen and how should we understand America’s reach and influence in the modern world?

The modern presidency is one of the world’s most powerful offices; Hollywood is a globally recognised studio system, and America’s consumer habits and products are simultaneously emulated and critiqued around the world.

In order to understand America’s present we will help you to explore its past in rich and multifaceted ways.

Teaching staff

Staff teaching in this specialist area include:


Each year students will be offered a range of optional modules both in the School of History and in other Schools in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. These options are dependent upon the availability of specialist teachers, and therefore they change year by year. The availability of each optional module is also dependent upon student interest. 

The modules you can choose may include the following:

For more information, see our complete list of modules.