School of History

Ghada Rifai

 Ghada Rifai

Research Topic: British Economic Policy in Palestine 1919-1935: Haifa harbour construction, a case study


Supervisor: Dr Martyn Frampton

I am looking at Britain's economic policy in Palestine as mandatory power during the period 1919-1935. The investigation of the construction of Haifa harbour, as a case study, shows how Britain formed its economic, strategic and political policies towards Palestine during the mandate period. This was done in a manner which enabled Britain to achieved its Imperial goals in the territory and at the same time did not breach the provisions of the mandate which prohibited treating the mandated territory as a colony. The end result was that Britain maintained its Imperial aims but used different methods to achieve them than the usual ones used in the colonies. Accordingly, Britain managed to balance its own interests against those of the international community and the local population.