School of History

James Wilson

 James Wilson

Research Topic: Northern Syria 441-549 AH/1050-1154 CE: Interactions between City-states and Factions, Frontiers and Political Identity prior to and during the Early Crusading Period


Supervisor: Dr Tom Asbridge

I am researching a turbulent period of Syrian history, when successive invasions by the Greater Seljūq Sultanate and the Frankish Crusaders and settlers provoked deep political, social and religious changes in the region. 

Through detailed analysis and comparison of the diplomatic and military interactions that took place between the multifarious political factions operating in Northern Syria during the pre-Crusading and early Crusading period, I aim to assess the impact of the foundation of the Frankish settlements on this region. Additionally, I will include an exploration of the mechanisms and identities of political society and an assessment of the level of Seljūq control in the region throughout this time frame.