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School of History

Dr Andrew Buck


Associate Lecturer & Student Engagement Tutor



I completed a PhD at QMUL in 2014 entitled 'On the frontiers of Latin Christendom: the principality of Antioch c.1130-c.1193' under the supervision of Dr Thomas Asbridge. My areas of expertise relate to the crusading movement, the Latin East, medieval frontiers, inter-cultural contact and the exercise of authority in the middle ages.




The Principality of Antioch and its Frontiers in the Twelfth Century (Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, 2017)

Articles/Book Chapters

‘Between Byzantium and Jerusalem? The Principality of Antioch, Renaud of Châtillon, and the Penance of Mamistra in 1158’, Mediterranean Historical Review 30:2 (2015), 107–124

‘The Castle and Lordship of Ḥārim and the Frankish-Muslim Frontier of Northern Syria in the Twelfth Century’, Al-Masāq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean 28:2 (2016), 113–31

‘The Noble Rebellion at Antioch, 1180–82: A Case Study in Medieval Frontier Politics’, Nottingham Medieval Studies 60 (2016), 93–121

‘Politics and Diplomacy in the Latin East: The Principality of Antioch in Historiographical Perspective’, History Compass 15:9 (2017), 1–9

‘Dynasty and Diaspora in the Latin East: The Case of the Sourdevals’, Journal of Medieval History 44:3 (2018)

‘A True History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea? William of Tyre and the Principality of Antioch’, ‘In the Hands of God’s Servants’: The Power of the Bishop and the Problem of Personality 1000–1300, eds. P. Coss, C. Dennis, M. Julian-Jones and A. Silvestri (Turnhout: Brepols, 2018/19)

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