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School of History

Dr Emma Sutton


Wellcome Trust Medical Humanities Research Fellow



After completing my undergraduate studies in Physics and HPS at the University of Cambridge, I spent ten years as a BBC film-maker. I subsequently won Wellcome Trust funding for an MA and PhD in the history of medicine at UCL. I currently work at the Centre for the History of the Emotions, as a post-doctoral researcher and Public Engagement Co-ordinator


Research Interests:

My central research interest is the history and philosophy of concepts of health. My PhD thesis examined this topic from a biographical perspective, looking at the American philosopher and psychologist William James's explorations of different understandings of health and their social, philosophical and religious contexts: ‘Re-writing the laws of health: William James on the politics and philosophy of disease in nineteenth-century America.’

My post-doctoral research extends my focus further into the twentieth century and explores the links between child-rearing ideas and practices and concepts of psychological health.

  • The American philospher and psychologist William James (1842-1910)
  • Stoicism and the Victorians
  • The mind-cure movement
  • Late nineteenth and twentieth-century child-rearing ideas and practices
  • Twentieth-century concepts of psychological health


Journal Articles


Book reviews