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School of History

Dr Camille Creyghton

Visiting Fellow



Camille Creyghton is a visiting postdoc fellow at the Centre for the History of Political Thought and a lecturer in History and Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She researches and publishes within the domains of intellectual history, cultural history, history of political culture of the end of the 18th until the first half of the 20th century. In December 2016, she defended her PhD thesis on the afterlife of the French historian Jules Michelet in French historiography and politics since 1870. The book version of this thesis, entitled Résurrections de Michelet. Politique et historiographie en France depuis 1870, is published with Éditions de l’EHESS (Paris).

Her current research project studies the transfer of ideas among political exiles from various national backgrounds in a couple of European cities in the period 1830-1848. For this project, she received a ‘Rubicon’ grant of the Dutch Research Council.

She is mainly interested in questions concerning revolution and exile, political representation, history of science and humanities, and European thought.


Research Interests:

intellectual history
Nineteenth century
revolution and exile
political representation
history of science and humanities
European thought


Key publications:

Résurrections de Michelet. Politique et historiographie en France depuis 1870, Paris, Éditions de l'EHESS (November 2019).

‘Commemorating Jules Michelet, 1876, 1882, 1898. The productivity of banality’, French History, advanced online publication 31 May 2019, DOI:

‘Objectivity, impartiality and political commitment in French 19th century historiography. Gabriel Monod and the Dreyfus Affair’, History of Humanities, 3-2 (2018), p. 279-302, DOI:

‘Hebben Marx en Engels ons nog iets te melden? Drie recente intellectuele biografieën’, De Nederlandse Boekengids / Dutch Review of Books, 4-3 (2018), 38-41.