School of History

Dr Nico Pizzolato

Honorary Research Fellow



I took my first degree at the Università di Palermo, Italy, before gaining an MA and a PhD in History at the University College London. My doctoral thesis, now a book, focuses on labour migration and working class activism in 1960s Detroit and Turin.

Since then I have been interested in the interplay between racial representations, political identity, and social protest.


Membership of professional associations or societies


Research Interests:

My work so far has addressed the problem of how a transnational process such as Fordism produced comparable outbursts of social protest in places far apart.

My current research project is on peonage, compulsory work in order to pay a real or alleged debt. I am investigating these forms of unfree labour that persisted in the American South between the 1930s and the 1950s; and the numerous groups and individuals who campaigned, organised, and protested against these practices.

I am also co-writing a book on Antonio Gramsci and his political pedagogy.


  • ‘Gli operai, gli immigrati, la rivoluzione. Detroit e Torino: un’ipotesi comparativa (1967-1973)’, Meridiana, n. 56 (2007), pp. 47-69