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School of History

Dr Claire Martin

Lecturer in Modern British History



I am a social historian with particular interests in gender and sexuality, health and the life cycle, and everyday life in twentieth-century Britain. I completed my PhD at the University of Leeds in 2018. I then worked as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Leeds, and I joined Queen Mary University as a Lecturer in 2020.


Research Interests:

I am currently working on a monograph based on my PhD thesis, provisionally titled 'Bodies of Knowledge: Working-Class Women and the Life Cycle, 1900-1940'. This book explores the creation and diffusion of knowledge on sexuality and female physiology in this period by examining medical discourse, popular culture, and working-class women's experiences in relation to menstruation, sex, pregnancy/childbirth, and the menopause. I am also developing a new research project, provisionally titled 'Sisterhood, 1920-1970', which will explore experiences and cultural representations of cultural representations girls’ relationships with their siblings and friends.