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School of History

Mr Jules Evans


Policy Director, Centre for the History of Emotions



Before joining the Centre I worked as an independent researcher and journalist, exploring how people use ancient philosophy today. I do a lot of work in public engagement, and enjoy exploring intelligent ideas with public audiences.


Research Interests:

I have two major research interests. Firstly, I am interested in the relationship between classical philosophy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and the modern politics of well-being. I wrote a book on that topic which was published in 2012. Secondly, I am interested in the history of ecstasy and ecstatic experiences in modern culture, and how altered states of consciousness can be healing for us, as well as toxic. I am writing a book about this second area of research.

  • Stoicism in modern life
  • Philosophy as a way of life
  • CBT and its roots in Greek philosophy
  • The modern politics of well-being
  • The history of ecstasy
  • Ecstasy and its place in the arts, religion, medicine and politics
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