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Timothy Riding

Teaching Associate



I am a historical geographer of global history, interested in the conception and organisation of space in early modern global networks.  I’m currently completing my PhD on the English East India Company’s trading outposts in Surat, Bombay, and along the Malabar Coast.  This topic encompasses cartographic history; investment in the built environment; town planning and the treatment of urban space; environmental history; corporate conceptions of territory and sovereignty; and early modern geographical understandings of networks.  Alongside completing my PhD I am teaching modules at LSE, UCL and Queen Mary.


Thesis title: Producing space in the English East India Company’s Western Presidency, 1612–1780

Supervisors: Miles Ogborn (primary supervisor, in the Geography School), Martyn Frampton and Simon Layton (second supervisors).



‘“Making Bombay Island”: Land Reclamation and Geographical Conceptions of Bombay, 1661–1728’, Journal of Historical Geography, 59 (2018), pp. 27–39.

‘Book Review: Lakshmi Subramanian, The Sovereign and the Pirate: Ordering Maritime Subjects in India’s Western Littoral’, History: The Journal of the Historical Association, 102, 352 (2017), pp. 705–6.

‘Book Review: Philip MacDougall, Naval Resistance to Britain’s Growing Power in India 1660–1800: The Saffron Banner and the Tiger of Mysore’, International Journal of Maritime History, 29, 1 (2017), pp. 210–212.

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