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Professor Glyn (Glyndwr) Williams

Emeritus Professor of History



My interest in imperial and world history began as an undergraduate at the L.S.E. and as a postgraduate student at King’s College, London.  On appointment to Queen Mary I specialised in imperial and maritime history.  Research in those subjects enabled me to travel extensively. I held visiting appointments at eight overseas universities before retiring in 1997 as Emeritus Professor


Research Interests:

My research interests encompass the activities of Europeans in two very different parts of the world – the Pacific and the sub-Arctic. I was fortunate to be able to travel in both regions, working in local archives and meeting local specialists.  My early research was on the eighteenth-century explorers in those regions, and I became especially interested in the oceanic voyages of Captain Cook and his contemporaries, and the land explorations of Canadian fur-traders.  More recently, my interest has shifted to the scientific aspect of the discovery voyages, and my latest book covers the seaborne experiences of naturalists in the long eighteenth century.

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