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Dr Jessica Patterson


Lecturer in British Intellectual and Cultural History

Room Number: ArtsTwo 2.28


I studied History at Cambridge, before joining the MA in History of Political Thought and Intellectual History at Queen Mary. I later completed a PhD at the University of Manchester, and returned to QMUL as a lecturer in 2017.


Undergraduate Teaching

  • HST5407 The Making of the Modern Self
  • HST5222 The Age of Reason? Interrogating the Enlightenment

Undergraduate Teaching


Research Interests:

My research focuses on eighteenth-century intellectual history, with a focus on British religious and political thought. 

My doctoral work explored essential debates about religion and political thought in the context of eighteenth-century empire. It investigated the interpretations of Hinduism set out by East India Company servants in the mid to late eighteenth century, when the British presence in India was experiencing a crisis of legitimacy. The thesis situates these interpretations of Indian religion within the context of the European Enlightenment, relating their contents to debates about religious toleration, deism and empire. I am currently revising this thesis into a book.


 “An Eighteenth-Century Account of Sati: John Zephaniah Holwell's ‘Religious Tenets of the Gentoos’ and ‘Voluntary Sacrifice’ (1767)”,South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies,40:1 (2017).

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