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Dr Daniel Lee marks US book launch


To mark the launch of his new book in the United States, Lecturer in Modern French History Dr Daniel Lee has written for a number of media outlets. Daniel's book The S.S. Officer’s Armchair: Uncovering the Hidden Life of a Nazi (Hacette Books) launched in the United States last month and will be published in the UK in October. 

Writing for Time Magazine Daniel discussed the lives of 'Ordinary Nazis' and the contribution of this group to the Nazi regieme and  its heinous crimes. The article, available in full on the Time website, also outlines the origins of Daniel's latest book: a bundle of documents discovered by an Amsterdam upholsterer. 

Writing for History News Network, Daniel explores in more detail the origins of the documents which inspired his book, beloning to Dr. Robert Griesinger, a lawyer from Stuttgart who had been an SS member working for the Reich in Nazi-Occupied Prague. Daniel explains the discoveries he made on his journey to discover more about Griesinger, including the discovery that Griesinger was involved in the attack on Ukraine in June 1941, when Hitler surprised the world by invading his former ally, the Soviet Union. This article is also available in full on the History News Network website

For Military History Now, Daniel delves into the lives of low-level members of the SS, with such Nazis having seemingly vanished from the historical record.As well as this, Daniel explores the reasons that citizens such as Griesinger may have been attracted to the early Nazi Party. Read the full article on the Military History Now website

The S.S. Officer’s Armchair: Uncovering the Hidden Life of a Nazi will be published in the UK by Penguin Books in October 2020. 




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