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School of History

Student Surveys 2019

The National Student Survey (NSS) and the UK Engagement Survey (UKES) are now open to submissions. 


The National Student Survey (NSS) 2019 opened to final-year undergraduates at Queen Mary on Monday 4 February. The survey takes about ten minutes to complete and you can access it online at:

The NSS gives students the opportunity to provide honest feedback on their whole learning experience. Student feedback is essential for developing and enhancing the student experience at Queen Mary. The NSS is a national survey, giving us valuable insight into how we compare with other universities, what we do well and where improvements could be made. The NSS also provides important information for prospective students to inform their choices about where they want to study. The Students’ Union is fully supportive of the NSS.

Queen Mary students who complete the NSS will also be eligible for a £5 Amazon voucher upon completion of the NSS. Further details are available on the Queen Mary website.

The UK Engagement Survey (UKES) is a national survey which gives students the opportunity to tell us about their learning experience at Queen Mary. It is open to all undergraduate students who are not eligible to complete the National Student Survey.

UKES 2019 will be open at Queen Mary between Monday 4 February and Friday 29 March. A 50p charitable donation for every response will be made to QMSU nominated charities. Further details are available on the Queen Mary website.