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Our researchers awarded £1.6 million for major study on emotional health


What is the perfect recipe for emotional health, and who decides which emotions we should feel in order to be healthy? These are among the questions that will be explored by a team of researchers at QMUL’s Centre for the History of the Emotions, as part of a collaborative five-year research programme funded by the Wellcome Trust.The Living with Feeling project will explore how scientists and doctors, philosophers, and politicians, patients and parents have grappled with emotions historically and in contemporary society.

Research topics will include the anatomy of anger as a modern emotion; the rise of the psychologist parent; time-management and de-cluttering as emotional technologies; the roles of imitation, contagion, and mirror neurons in emotional life; and the relationships between religious, philosophical and scientific forms of therapy.

The research team is led by Dr Thomas Dixon, and includes Dr Rhodri Hayward, Senior Lecturer in the History of Medicine, and Dr Elena Carrera, Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies. The award will also fund three PhD studentships, and three Research Fellows: Jules Evans, Dr Emma Sutton, and Dr Tiffany Watt-Smith.  

Further information on the project. 



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