School of History

Workshop: Legal Materiality in Theory and History

3 April 2020

Time: 10:00am - 3:30pm
Venue: Laws 313

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The last decade has witnessed an intense interest in legal materiality, both in legal theory and legal history. This work has often been inspired by scholarship on the media of law (such as the pioneering scholarship of the Cornelia Vismann on files) or the anthropological scholarship of Bruno Latour (especially in his ‘The Making of Law’). This has broadened out in recent years to include object studies and human-object relations, stimulated by work in philosophy of mind and cognition (on the extended mind, for example, or distributed cognition). Often, however, the links drawn between materiality and law are tentative at best - and thus a challenge remains (as much philosophical as historiographical) to articulate the connections between materiality and, for instance, legal discourse and argumentation. This workshop aims to bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to think together about materiality and its many complex relations to legal practices.



10 - 12.30

Panel I: Legal Materiality in Medieval History

Chair: Miri Rubin


12.30-1.30 Lunch

1.30 - 3.30

Panel II: Legal Materiality in Theory and History

Chair: Maks Del Mar



The workshop is co-organised by Professor Miri Rubin and Professor Maks Del Mar.