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School of History

Intercollegiate Modules 2021 - 2022

List of modules offered to University of London intercollegiate students for 2021/22

The modules below are available to students from University of London colleges that participate in the History intercollegiate sharing scheme. All requests for places should be made through your home college. Please get in touch with your programme administrator for more information. 

Group II Module (Thursdays 2 - 4pm)

HST5614 History of Political Thought

Group III Modules (Mondays 2 - 4pm)

HST6710 Saladin, Richard the Lionheart & the Third Crusade

HST6713 Lives, Letters and Lifestyles: English Political Society during the Wars of the Roses
HST6743 The Age of Revolutions: Global Perspectives

HST6749 The Holocaust and its Aftermath in Literature and Film


HST6759 - History from the Margins: Minorities in Early Modern Europe

Assessment and credit information is available via the individual module pages linked above. All details (including timetabling) is subject to change due to factors including but not limited to staff availability, student feedback and room bookings. If you have further questions please contact Matthew Latham.