School of History

Intercollegiate Modules 2019 - 2020

List of modules offered to University of London intercollegiate students for 2019/20

The modules below are available to students from University of London colleges that participate in the History intercollegiate sharing scheme. All requests for places should be made through your home college. Please get in touch with your programme administrator for more information. 

Group III Modules

HST6710 Saladin, Richard the Lionheart & the Third Crusade

HST6714  Apocalypse Now: Crisis, Change and Later Medieval Mentalities

HST6720 Behind Closed Doors: Houses, Interiors and Domestic Life, c.1660-c.1830 

HST6735 Reinventing Ourselves: Psychology, Sex and Chemistry in Modern Britain

HST6736 British Cinema and the Second World War: Propaganda, Myth and Memory

HST6740 We the People: Democracy in America, 1787-1861

HST6743 The Age of Revolutions: Global Perspectives 

HST6746 The Idea of 'the West': A History from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century

HST6747 Anxieties of Empire: Rumours, Rebellion and the Imperial Imagination

HST6749 The Holocaust and its Aftermath in Literature and Film 

HST6750 Berlin in the Twentieth Century

HST6751 The Russian Revolutions and Civil Wars, 1917-21

HST6755 A Golden Age? The Life and Times of Elizabeth I

HST6756 Global Fascism: A Colonial History from Blackshirt Invasion to Black Power Anti-fascism

For Queen Mary students who are interested in taking modules at other University of London colleges, please see the IHR website for a list of available courses. If you wish to apply for a place on one of these modules then please indicate this when you make your module selections online.