School of History

HST7614 - Race, Resistance and Decolonization: Empire and Global History in the 20th Century

A look at the political histories of decolonization in Africa, Asia, and Europe during the twentieth-century

Module code: HST7614

Credits: 30

On the eve of the Egyptian Revolution of 1919-21, the anti-colonial nationalist Saad Zaghloul solemnly reminded his imperialist opponents that, ‘We are going ahead and no-one can stop our march.’ Throughout the twentieth-century, nationalists like Zaghloul challenged colonial rule and played their part in the greatest transformation of global order in modern history: the transition from a world of empires to a world of nation-states. This module approaches the process of decolonization from a comparative perspective, exploring its political, cultural, social and intellectual dimensions. The concepts of ‘race’ and ‘resistance’ will be central to our discussions, especially as they acquire meaning through transnational conversations and the global circulation of ideas. We will consider calls to ‘decolonize’ academic history and its categories of analysis, engaging both postcolonial and decolonial critiques of the discipline.