School of History

HST7608 - History in Action

A compulsory module for all students on MA History, LBI MA European Jewish History, MA Islam and the West, MA Modern and Contemporary British History.

Module code: HST7608

Credits: 0

This module provides an introduction to the basic tools of the historian’s craft. It is a set of analytical and practical skills that are essential to you, and both relevant and applicable beyond the degree.

Through a series of lectures, seminars and workshops, you will learn how to plan and design projects, including dissertations, how to manage and carry out research, and finally how to effectively write up, present and disseminate your work.

A wide range of sources will be introduced, including less conventional ones such as visual representations, TV, radio and film, artefacts, and architecture.

You will be encouraged to engage with public history and consider the representation of the past in popular culture, fictional literature, documentaries and films, museums, heritage, public memorials, and living history.