School of History

HST7402 - Modern Jewish History and Culture

The political and cultural interaction between Gentile and Jewish societies pre World War Two.

Module code: HST7402

Credits: 30

This module will focus on the delicate political and cultural interaction between Gentile and Jewish societies. You will study the period from the early Enlightenment up to the Holocaust’s destruction of European Jewish life. You will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental changes in Jewish life during this period.

This module will look at different countries and apply a comparative perspective. Studying the relationship between Jewish and general history will help you examine some of the most important internal dynamics of general European history.

You will also study how European Jews constructed, asserted and coped with 'difference' and concepts of ‘homogeneity’. Other areas of study includes the importance of the Enlightenment, the legal and political processes of emancipation, the impact of the Great War on European Jewish history, the concept of Jewish renaissance and renewal and Zionist movements in the twentieth century.