School of History

HST7338 - Readings in Global History

Module code: HST7338

Credits: 30

Readings in Global History will introduce you to some of the most significant works influencing debate in the emerging field of global history. The module takes the form of a master-class and we will read key texts alongside reviews and academic discussions. You will use these to locate the methods and contribution of individual works within a broader context. Approaching global history through specific examples and particular interventions will provide you with a solid foundation in the historiography, as well as familiarising you with a collection of scholarly classics exemplifying new theoretical perspectives in historical study.


Works covered in the 2015-16 year include:

  • AG Hopkins (ed.), Global History (2006)
  • Lynn Hunt, Writing History in the Global Era (2014)
  • CA Bayly, Birth of the Modern World (2004)
  • Dipesh Chakrabarty, Provincializing Europe (2000)
  • Edward Said, Orientalism (1978)
  • Paul Gilroy, The Black Atlantic (1993)
  • Lydia Liu, Rebecca Karl and Dorothy Co (eds.), The Birth of Chinese Feminism (2013)
  • Mark Mazower, Governing the World (2013)
  • Faisal Devji, The Terrorist in Search of Humanity (2008) 

Please Note: this reading list is provisional and subject to change. It will be confirmed by the convener at the beginning of the semester.