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School of History

HST6755 – A Golden Age? The Life and Times of Elizabeth I

Module code: HST6755

Credits: 30
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Charmian Mansell

In 1558, Elizabeth I acceded to the throne of England.  Her rule has been celebrated as a 'golden age' in which intellectual thought and literature flourished and England emerged as a major force on the international stage.  This age of power and authority is enshrined in the iconic portraits of this Tudor Queen.  But what was the reality of her reign?  This module considers these achievements amidst broader socio-economic, political and religious upheaval.  Students will study the complex problems of the period, from Catholic conspiracies to widening social divisions.  In this process, they will develop critical insights into the challenges Elizabeth faced in governing England and a wider appreciation of the workings of Elizabethan society. Students will be supported in researching and writing their dissertations on any aspect of early modern British social, economic, political or cultural history. This module MUST be taken in conjunction with HST6700 History Research Dissertation.

Assessment: Source Analysis (1,500 words) [20%], Essay 1 (2,500 words) [30%], Essay 2 (3,000 words) [40%] and Dissertation Progress Report (1,000 words) [10%]
Level: 6