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School of History

HST6751 – The Russian Revolution and Civil War, 1917-1921

Module code: HST6751

Credits: 30
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Jon Smele

In the first semester, this module analyses the role of political leaders, political parties and social groups in the series of crises between the February and October Revolutions of 1917. In the second semester, attention turns to the civil war, assessing the impact of the struggle against foreign intervention and domestic counter-revolution upon Bolshevik economic, foreign, and state-building policies, the nature and failure of the anti-Bolshevik régimes in Siberia and South Russia, the processes of the civil war in the non-Russian regions of the former empire, and the spread of popular hostility to Bolshevik rule. However, the aim of the module is not simply to familiarize students with the issues and events of the Russian Revolution and Civil War, but to introduce them to a variety of types of historical evidence and the problems confronted by historians in utilizing primary source materials, as well as familiarizing them with the historiography (Western, Soviet, post-Soviet and émigré Russian) of the period. The Russian Revolution is discussed and analysed from a multi-cultural perspective given the multi-national nature of the Empire and the wide impact of the Revolution. 

This is a QMUL Model module that MUST be taken in conjunction with HST6700 History Research Dissertation.

Assessment: Essay 1 (2,500 words) [30%], Essay 2 (2,500 words) [30%], Source Analysis (2,000 words) [30%], Reflective Report (1,000 words) [10%]
Level: 6