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School of History

HST6367 - Heritage After Empire: Decolonising Public History

Module code: HST6367

Credits: 15
Semester: SEM 2

Module Convenor: Dr Chris Moffat

This QMUL Model module will introduce students to new debates in critical heritage studies, specifically as they relate to the contested legacies of imperial rule in the modern world. The module will focus, first, on the relationship of heritage (as concept) and commemoration (as practice) to imperial and colonial projects in the twentieth century. Second, it will explore how anticolonial and postcolonial critics have crafted alternative archives, counter-monuments and dissident sites of memory to challenge dominant narratives of the past. Students will explore the 'public role' of the historian in a global context - from Haiti to Aoetearoa - while also interrogating the afterlives of empire on the streets of London itself. The module will be of interest to students of global history as well as those training for careers in heritage, museum or education sectors more broadly.

Assessment: Museum Review (2,000 words) [50%] and Poster Presentation [50%]
Level: 6