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School of History

HST6365 - Gotham: The Making of New York City 1825 - 2001

Module code: HST6365

Credits: 30
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Jo Cohen and Dr Ed Ramsden

New York City is a paradox. It is the iconic American city, home to the Statue of Liberty, to Wall Street and the Empire State Building. Yet it is also a cosmopolitan place, a gateway for foreign people, new cultures and radical ideas. For many Americans who live beyond the city limits, New York is an alien place. This QMUL Model module explores the history of this extraordinary and contradictory city and its people. The module will explore the city's physical expansion from the slums of lower Manhattan to Central Park and the rise of the skyscraper; the emergence of the city's elite and efforts to cope with poverty, disease and crime; and marginal groups, from European immigrants and African Americans, to gay subcultures and countercultures. Students will also explore how, and with what consequence, marginal groups such as European immigrants, African Americans, gay subcultures, and countercultures made the city their home.

Assessment: Exhibition Proposal (3,000 words) [37.5%], Policy Evaluation (2,000 words) [25%], Essay (3,000 words) [37.5%]
Level: 6