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HST6333 - Exhibiting the First World War

An exciting opportunity to conduct research for the Imperial War Museum.

Module code: HST6333

Credits: 30

You will act as researchers for the Imperial War Museum, gathering and analysing sources about the experience of the First World War in and around South London.

Your research will inform the redesign of the First World War galleries in the run up to 2014.

Working as a team, you will produce a group report on South London’s communities based on the material available from a wide range of archives across the capital.

You will also work on individual essays about the existing literature, exploring how a particular aspect of this case study contributes to established historical interpretations.

You must have taken Winning on the Western Front (HST5321) as a prerequisite. You will be required to work in groups and to conduct archival research away from the Queen Mary campus.

This module will teach you research and group work skills. It will also serve as an introduction to the heritage sector.

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