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School of History

HST6218 – Travel, Migration and Mobility in Britain, 1500-1700

Module code: HST6218

Credits: 15
Semester: SEM 1

Module Convenor: Dr Charmian Mansell

What does it mean to be away from home?  This module will examine how men and women of the British Isles experienced and understood the wider world beyond their home. This was an age of migration, growing international trade networks and discovery of new worlds.  This module will begin with an introduction to contemporary ideas of travel and journey-making in early modern Britain: what were the spatial horizons of early modern people? What did ‘country’ mean to them?  Where did the boundaries of ‘home’ lie?  Through a range of primary sources including travel writings, diaries, images, and court records, students will explore the connectedness of early modern  communities, the experiences of British men and women in the wider world and their cultural encounters.  Both local and global journeys will be studied, from encounters of the rural English with the London metropolis, to international travel to the New World and beyond.  Students will develop clearer insights into contemporary understandings of nationhood and identity, and will acquire an understanding of how knowledge, learning and commodities were exchanged between disparate communities during this age of expansion.

Assessment: Source Analysis (1,000 words) [25%] and Essay (3,000 words) [75%]
Level: 6