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School of History

HST6200 - The Hussites: Reform, Revolution and Apocalypse in the Fifteenth Century

What can we learn about medieval power structures from the Hussite revolution?

Module code: HST6200

Credits: 15
Semester: SEM 1

Module Convenor: Dr Peter Denley

Over a century before the Reformation, the unity of Western Christendom was shattered. In 1378, the Roman church divided into obediences to first two, then three claimants to be the true pope. Then, just as that crisis was being resolved in the early fifteenth century, in Bohemia, religious, ethnic and social tensions boiled over into two decades of revolution, civil war and, finally, anarchy which saw the emergence of some of the most extreme and violent beliefs and behaviour that Europe has witnessed. When peace was eventually restored it was through compromise; the Bohemian church was allowed its own rituals but quarantined from the rest of the Catholic world. How could the hegemony of the spiritual and secular institutions of the time have been so comprehensively violated? And what does the Hussite revolution tell us about late medieval power structures, ideas and attitudes?

'The Hussites' is a third-year, level 6 QMUL Model module. Students wishing to take this module should normally have taken at least one module in medieval history during their undergraduate career.

Assessment: Blog Entry (1,500 words) [37.5%] and Essay (2,500 words) [62.5%]
Level: 6