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School of History

HST5613 – London in the First World War: Building a Digital History

Module code: HST5613

Credits: 15
Semester: SEM 1

Module Convenor: Dr Chris Sparks and Dr Dan Todman

This module introduces you to the history of London during the First World War, and to a particular primary source relating to the history of the area close to QMUL - the 'absent voters' list of service personnel from Stepney who were in the military in November 1918. Working with this document, we will teach you some  digital history skills, which you will use to design and part build your own database. You do not need any previous knowledge of the First World War or of digital history. This module will teach you to think critically about how information is selected, edited and presented by digital software, websites, and apps. You will gain valuable research project experience, and contribute to our growing understanding of what the war meant for the East End.

Assessment: Digital History Project [100%]
Level: 5