School of History

HST5410 – (re)Writing History

Module code: HST5410

Credits: 15
Semester: SEM 1

Module Convenor: Dr Daniel Peart

Ever wanted to rewrite history? Or to create a history for your favourite novel or film? This module offers students the opportunity to experiment in the genres of alternate history or historical fiction. The purpose is to develop your history writing skills, and prepare you for the final-year History Research Dissertation; you will write a regular history essay, but without having to worry about the "facts." You devise the question, and you invent the sources to answer it. You might choose to explain why communism triumphed in the Cold War, assess whether Daenerys was a more effective leader than Jon Snow (or Darth Vader than Luke Skywalker), evaluate how the discovery of Atlantis changed history, or explore the consequences of Hillary Clinton's victory in the 2016 presidential election. All you need is your imagination.

Assessment: Presentation (10 minutes) [20%] and Essay (3,000 words) [80%]
Level: 5