School of History

HST5381 – Narratives of the Raj: The History of Modern India, 1757-1947

Module code: HST5381

Credits: 30
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Kim Wagner

This QMUL Model module covers the rise and fall of British rule in India, from the decline of the Mughal Empire and the establishment of the East India Company state in the eighteenth century, to Independence and Partition in 1947. It will do so through popular representations, including the writings of Kipling, Forster, Tagore and Manto, as well as films, to examine key themes and events. Students thus gain appreciation of the culture and attitudes of societies other than our own, and develop professional and informed attitudes. The module will examine the manner in which the British consolidated their authority and how the colonial encounter changed Indian society, in particular with reference to caste, religion, gender, colonial identities, crime and conflict, communal tension and the rise of Indian nationalism.

Assessment: Seminar Participation [10%], Presentation [20%], Essay 1 (2,000 words) [20%] and Essay 2 (4,000 words) [50%]
Level: 5