School of History

HST5361 – A History of Terror in the Modern Age 1858-2008

The history, methods and ideologies of terrorism.

Module code: HST5361

Credits: 30
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Martyn Frampton

"Terrorism" has become a defining phenomenon of the modern era. In the "war on terror" politicians and commentators alike have argued that we face a new kind" of threat and that the rules of the game" have changed. This QMUL Model module will consider the truth of such assertions by examining the history of terrorism in the modern age. The process of modern state formation since the middle of the nineteenth century has been accompanied by violent challenges to the status quo from non-state actors who have deployed terrorist methods in pursuit of their goals. From international anarchists to Irish rebels, from anti-imperialist revolutionaries to the Islamist-inspired millenarians of today, this module will examine the methods and ideologies of terrorism in a global context, exploring the milieu and mindset of some of its most prominent perpetrators. Students evaluate "terrorism" from historical, political, and political science perspectives, and demonstrate how a historical approach can inform our understanding of global context of terrorism, which is not perhaps the "new threat" that modern politicians and commentators have perceived it to be.

Assessment: Source Analysis (1,500 words) 20%, Essay 1 (2,500 words) 30%, Essay 2 (4,000 words) 50%
Level: 5