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School of History

HST5223 – Urban Lives in Reformation Europe

Module code: HST5223

Credits: 15
Semester: SEM 1

Module Convenor: Dr Linda Briggs

Cities were the beating heart of the Protestant and Catholic reformations. Merchants, preachers, labourers and rulers created the conditions for rival faiths to develop, then the ensuing turmoil remade urban landscapes. This module explores the daily experiences of people whose lives, livelihoods and neighbourhoods took shape amid these changes. Spanning late medieval roots of reform to seventeenth-century memories of the conflict, it draws on cities as case studies for broader themes, including Amsterdam (Conversion and Exile in Port Cities), Paris (Violence and Co-existence) and Goa (Global Catholicism). Visual material and objects are used alongside written sources to access these histories.

Assessment: Essay (2.000 words) 50% and Take Home Exam 50%
Level: 5