School of History

HST5216 Power, Politics and Religion in Britain, 1530-1649

Module code: HST5216

Credits: 30
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Charmian Mansell

In the century before 1649, Britain had undergone huge transformation. The three kingdoms of Ireland, Scotland and England had been united, religion had been reformed and monarchy, after a series of succession crises, was to be replaced with a commonwealth.  Early modern British society had altered dramatically.  This module examines the history of Britain from reformation to civil war.  It explores religious, political, socio-economic and cultural changes, and includes key themes and topics including: the nature and representation of monarchy, religious change, social structure, hierarchies of power and authority, and foreign and domestic pressures upon the Tudor and Stuart regimes.  Students will be introduced to a range of contemporary source material from political statutes and religious tracts to popular ballads and court records.  In the process, they will develop a greater understanding of the relationship between rulers and the ruled, and the very concept of power.

Assessment: Source Analysis (1,500 words) [20%], Essay 1 (2,500 words) [30%] and Essay 2 (4,000 words) [50%]
Level: 5