School of History

HST5200 - Architecture in London I 1600 - 1837

This module is suitable for students with no previous knowledge of Architectural History.

Module code: HST5200

Credits: 15
Semester: SEM 1

Module Convenor: Dr Matthew Walker

Taught by lectures and building visits, this course is intended to introduce the study of architecture in both its historical context and its stylistic development. The course will cover buildings in the London area chronologically, from the beginnings of the Stuart dynasty to the accession of Queen Victoria, dealing mainly with the rise and development of the classical style in both domestic and public architecture. The classical style will be studied in greater depth than certain others, partly because of the lavish availability of monuments, but also so that students may better develop their knowledge of the variety of forms in which that particular style can appear, and be able to assess the significance of such varieties within that style.

Assessment: Essay (2,500 words) 50%, Guidebook (1,500 words) 50%
Level: 5