School of History

HST5122 – Frontiers of the Medieval Imagination

Module code: HST5122

Credits: 15
Semester: SEM 1

Module Convenor: Dr Peter Denley

Attitudes to 'otherness' generated some of the most fertile products of the medieval imagination. Malevolent and sometimes impossible behaviour was attributed to real people, while the spatial and temporal frontiers of Christendom encouraged beliefs in a wide variety of mythical and hybrid creatures. This QMUL Model module will explore some of the common features of these beliefs, and interrelationships of different categories of belief. Topics to be covered will include: Jews, Muslims, pagans, lepers; witches; medieval cosmology; the afterlife; medieval travel, real and imagined; monsters and marvels; wild men, green men; giants, Amazons, the land of Cockaigne; visions, ghosts; the functions of animals.

Assessment: Blog Entry (1,500 words) [37.5%] and Essay (2,500 words) [62.5%]
Level: 5