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School of History

HST5109 – Outsiders in the Middle Ages

This module examines the causes, victims and perpetrators of social prejudice in the Middle Ages.

Module code: HST5109

Credits: 30
Semester: YEAR

Module Convenor: Dr Peter Denley

The medieval Christian west abounded in prejudices, proscriptions, violence and atrocities against those who did not ''fit the mould''. Groups such as students, mercenaries, Jews, prostitutes, the poor and the sick, and individuals who transgressed ideological, penal or sexual codes were all objects of suspicion and hatred. This QMUL module will study the interaction of doctrinal and moralistic attitudes and popular prejudice, the myths that evolved about outsiders, the mechanisms that triggered prejudice and violence, and the problems of studying the persecuted primarily through the sources left by the persecutors.

Assessment: Writing for the Web (1,000 words) 12.5%, Essay Plan 2.5%, Essay 1 (4,000 words) 50%, Group Presentation 10%, Essay 2 (2,000 words) 25%
Level: 5