School of History

HST4202 - Reformation to Revolution: Europe and the World, 1500-1800

The period 1500-1800, covering from the Reformation to the American and French Revolutions, is of formative importance in the origins of the modern world.

Module code: HST4202

Credits: 15
Semester: SEM 2

Module Convenor: Dr Linda Briggs

Understanding the early modern period (c.1500-1800) is crucial to understanding the formation of the modern world. In the course of three centuries, Protestant and Catholic Reformations reshaped the religious landscape in Europe, Asia and the Americas; new scientific theories led to the foundation of modern disciplines; rulers centralised their power through bureaucracy and warfare; overseas exploration forged global trade empires; and revolutions rocked the world order. This module examines changes and continuities in European cultural, social, religious, political and economic life. It accesses the histories of famous and ordinary people, and introduces students to the approaches and conceptual frameworks needed to understand early modern history.

Assessment: Essay (2,000 words) [50%] and Exam [50%]
Level: 4