Technical specifications & layout

Auditorium capacity

The Great Hall has two levels which can be entirely seated, or a combination of both standing and seating. Maximum capacities are as follows: 

  • Maximum seating capacity: 778 (Ground Floor: 366 + Balcony: 412)
  • Maximum capacity: 962 (Standing Ground Floor + Seated Balcony)
  • Ground floor standing capacity: 550
A detailed seating plan is available here: Great Hall Auditorium Seating Plan [PDF 870KB]. Plans for the Great Hall stage are available here: Great Hall Stage Plan [PDF 16KB] and Great Hall Stage Plan with Dimensions [PDF 18KB]. The use of the venue for all performances is subject to terms and conditions which are available here: Great Hall Terms and Conditions [PDF 456KB]. If you would like to discuss the requirements for your event, contact our Venue team.

Technical equipment overview

Below is a summary of the equipment available to assist productions in the Great Hall:

  • High quality audio system (EM Acoustics HALO Compact Line Array) 
  • Digital audio mixing console (DiGiCo SD-9) 
  • Theatrical production lighting 
  • Four intelligent moving lights (VariLite VL1100) 
  • Motorised stage curtains and black theatrical stage drapes 
  • 12m wide rear projection screen with 2 projectors 
  • Lecture/Presentation console fitted with Blu-Ray, PC, Laptop connections.
  • Extensive audio, video and communications cabling throughout venue

The full technical specification can be downloaded here: Great Hall Technical Specification [PDF 176KB]

Full technical specification

For more detailed technical information for the Great Hall, please click on the relevant sections below. Alternatively you can download the printer friendly Great Hall Technical Specification [PDF 176KB]

Great Hall Lighting Deck.