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Photos and souvenirs


The University’s official Photographers for graduation are Your Graduation. They will be welcoming graduates, family and friends into their studios in the Graduate Centre.

Pre-book when you order your gown and tickets online, and up until the week before ceremonies. 

You can choose your photography package on the day but it saves time, is easier and you have more choice with cheaper packages if you order in advance. 

To find out more about photography packages, please visit Your Graduation at or contact Your Graduation via email at or phone 01264 339 706. 



You’ve got the degree, now buy the t-shirt! We’ve teamed up with the brilliant Campus Clothing to offer you the chance to celebrate your graduation with a ‘Class of’ hoodie or t-shirt. All garments are fair trade, and already have your name and those of your fellow course mates printed on the back. You can even add bespoke personalisation to make your memento that extra bit special.

The friendly Campus Clothing staff will have a stall at your ceremony, but you can skip the queues and avoid disappointment by pre-ordering at CampusClothing/QueenMary. Don’t forget to follow their updates on Instagram and Twitter for the chance to win prizes and live graduation updates @CampusClassOf.

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