Checklist and FAQs


Please see some of the frequently asked questions below:

Any final year students who were expected to attend the July 2020, December 2020 or July 2021 ceremonies do not need to defer their attendance. Your student records, along with the emails you use to register for the class of 2020 virtual celebrations, will be used to contact you when your ceremony is rescheduled. You do not need to alert us of your intention to attend your rescheduled ceremony at this point.

If you have deferred your attendance to a graduation ceremony which has now been postponed we are unable to confirm the dates when they will be rescheduled due to the covid-19 pandemic. We are working towards delivering a fantastic set of ceremonies in 2022. We will update students who have deferred their attendance to 2020 ceremonies or July 2021 ceremonies when these ceremonies have been rescheduled.

To find out more about Rites of Passage, the additional ceremony held for MBBS/BDS students which is held by the BLSA, please visit the Rites of Passage website. 

We are currently planning, with support from our Students’ Union, to be able to invite all students from the class of 2020 and class of 2021 to attend a graduation ceremony in person, along with your friends and family, in 2022. 

For information about degree certificates please visit the Student Enquiry Centre.

We understand the concerns of our international students who may face difficulties in attending rescheduled graduation ceremonies. 

We are working with our Advice and Counselling service to ensure that students whose Tier 4 visas have expired by the time of their graduation ceremony receive as much advice and guidance as possible.

*Please note that attendance at a graduation ceremony is not confirmation of an award, and that students with awards will still receive their award documentation and degree certificates as usual.

View our Class of 2021 Virtual Celebration FAQ's.