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Frequently Asked Questions - Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration

Please see below some key questions and answers regarding the Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration.

Q: What is the Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration?  

A: The virtual celebration will provide you with an opportunity to come together with your peers and lecturers to recognise and celebrate your academic achievements. The virtual celebration is open to all students from the class of 2020 and is not dependent on awards being confirmed by the time of the celebration. We welcome all students from the class to attend. The Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration will be hosted on the Queen Mary University of London website and a virtual platform. 

Q: When is the Virtual Celebration taking place? 

A: The Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration will take place on Wednesday 4th November. 

Q: How do I book for the Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration?  

A: Booking for the Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration opens midday (UK time) on Friday 9th October. You can register your place via Your Graduation.

Q: When is the booking deadline? 

A: Booking for the Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration closes on at midday (UK time) Friday 23rd October. 

Q: How do I access the virtual celebration? 

A: Full details, including a private link enabling you to access the Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration, will be emailed to those who register to attend closer to the date of the celebration. 

Q: How do my friends and family take part in this celebration?   

A: To allow guests to enter the experience, please share your link with your guests. They will then be able to access the site and enjoy the experience with you. 

Q: What can I do during the virtual celebration?  

A: All graduands will be invited to attend a live event hosted by their school on the virtual platform. The live event will include messages of congratulations from the Principal, the President of the Students Union, Heads of School and lecturers. During the event you will also be able to message your class mates and lecturers on the platform. The live event will be accessible via a private link sent to graduands prior to Wednesday 4th November. 

The Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration webpage will house the live event schedule, messages of congratulations from special guests, details regarding Queen Mary’s Alumni and Careers and Enterprise networks and resources, and how to purchase Class of 2020 merchandise. 

Q: Will I need to download a special app to access the Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration live event? 

A: No. You do not need to download an app but we recommend you use Google Chrome to access the live event.  

Q: Does attending this celebration mean that I won’t be able to attend a physical ceremony?   

A: The virtual celebration does not act as a replacement to the physical ceremony.  

Q: When are physical ceremonies happening?  

A: We are unable to release these at present due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. The health, welfare and safety of students, staff and visitors is our top priority and we are continuing to follow all government advice. Any students expecting to graduate this year will get an award. 

Q: Do I need to defer my place at graduation as my physical ceremony has been postponed?  

A: No. Any final year students who were expected to attend the July 2020 ceremonies do not need to defer their attendance. Your student record details, along with the emails you use to register for the class of 2020 celebration, will be used to contact you when your ceremony is rescheduled.  You not need to alert us of your intention to attend your rescheduled ceremony at this point. 

Q: When will I receive my degree certificate?    

A: You will receive your official graduation certificate via post to your registered address. Please make sure your addresses are up to date in MySIS. If you have any questions about transcripts or certificates, please contact the Student Enquiry Centre - 

 Q: I’m an international student. What happens if I can’t return to the UK for a physical ceremony at a later date?

A: We understand the concerns of our international students who may face difficulties in attending rescheduled graduation ceremonies. The needs of international students were considered when we made the difficult decision to reschedule our graduation ceremonies, but our primary concern is the wellbeing and safety of our students and staff. While we are working closely with the Students Union to reschedule these ceremonies, we do anticipate that we will need to reschedule the graduation ceremonies planned for December to a time after the expiry of current Tier 4 visas. We appreciate the practical difficulties and disruption that this will cause, and we are working with our Advice and Counselling service to ensure that students whose Tier 4 visas have expired by the time of their graduation ceremony receive as much advice and guidance as possible. We plan to share information with students in due course on how we can best support in person attendance at graduation ceremonies next year. More information from the advice and counselling service can be found here.

Q: How do I join the Alumni Network?  

A: As part of the Alumni network you will receive regular communications, including invitations to a number of events, plus help with organising your own reunions. To see how you can get involved please visit, to register for the network please visit 

Q: How do I purchase branded merchandise?  

A: You will be able to purchase branded hoodies, t-shirts and certificate frames and we are also able to offer graduands the option to purchase a gown and a special Class of 2020 stole. To purchase Class of 2020 merchandise please click here.

Q: Will I be able to purchase my cap and gown and/or 2020 sash at a physical graduation?

A: Purchasing cap and gowns and the sashes are new options introduced by our supplier this year. We have been informed that there are also plans for these items to be available for purchase at physical ceremonies when they are re-instated. However, as we cannot confirm re-scheduled dates for physical ceremonies due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, we would recommend purchasing any merchandise items you wish during the virtual celebration period and avoid any disappointment.