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Queen Mary Global Policy Institute

About us

About the Institute

The mission of the Global Policy Institute is to ensure that Queen Mary's commitment to inclusion, diversity and positive social change find their application in the policy world across the globe. The Institute takes Queen Mary's world class research and helps to translate this expertise into positive social and practical dividends by addressing key global problems across a range of policy areas (from global health, to technology, from housing to human mobility).  

An ever more crucial mission

The coronavirus crisis has made our mission even more relevant and compels us to ensure that by working across disciplines and with decision-makers, we improve the life of the communities to which we are connected. As the UK’s most diverse university, Queen Mary's communities of students, researchers, staff and decision-makers span the globe. The GPI helps to make Queen Mary research relevant, useful, shared and impactful.

We foster interdisciplinary research - such as our new, emerging project about the impact of Covid-19 on the rule of law and on ethics. This project brings together researchers from across faculties in order to tackle a set of complex issues that cuts across relevant fields and is likely to dominate the policy debate.

We support positive policy developments across the globe: For example through our Resilient Futures India Initiative with partners from across the UK and the Indian sub-continent brings together geographers, mental health specialists and demographers to explore the links between migration, mental health, as well as family resilience and domestic violence.

We create partnerships with outstanding global actors: as varied and wonderful as the University of California Berkeley on belonging and diversity, the Fiocruz Foundation in Brazil, the Indian Institute of Technology, as well as, closer to home, Science-Po in Paris and the WZB in Berlin. To name but a few.

We share our knowledge and expertise through a programme of training and short courses that range from intellectual property, to anti-corruption, to mental health support.

We bring it all together by hosting outstanding Fellows and Junior Fellows who bring their expertise and enthusiasm to us and challenge our thinking and our practice in exciting and productive ways. 

From the projects to the conversation series and all of our policy initiatives, in all of our pursuits we strive for a human-centred vision: excellence that delivers for people by transforming practice and policy.

Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about our work or you are interested in exploring one of our programmes in more detail please get in touch:

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