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Directorate of Governance and Legal Services

Programme specifications - Medicine




MBBS (A100)   
MBBS (Graduate Entry Programme)  (A101) 


BMedSci (Intercalated) Molecular Medicine (B9MS)
BMedSci (Intercalated) Molecular Therapeutics (B9MT) 


 BSc Global Health [PDF 112KB]


Barts Cancer Institute 

Programme Title  Route 
Cancer and Therapeutics  MSc & PgD [PDF 47KB]
Cancer and Clinical Oncology MSc & PgD [PDF 45KB]
Cancer and Molecular and Cellular Biology  MSc & PgD [PDF 48KB]
Cancer and Molecular Pathology and Genomics  MSc & PgD [PDF 46KB]
Cancer Genomics and Data Science MSc & PgD [PDF 104KB] / MSc & PgD by DL [PDF 104KB]
Laparoscopic Surgery and Surgical Skills  MSc FT [PDF 94KB] / MSc PT by DL [PDF 94KB]
Surgical Skills (joint with University of Malta) MSc [PDF 98KB]
Translational Immunology MRes [PDF 97KB]

Blizard Institute 

Programme title Route 
Aesthetic Medicine MSc/PgD
Biomedical Science (Medical Microbiology)   MSc [PDF 98KB]
Clinical Dermatology PgD FT by DL [PDF 40KB]PgD PT by DL [PDF 96KB]
Clinical Microbiology MSc & PgD [PDF 96KB]
Clinical Science (Infection Sciences) MSc [PDF 95KB]
Emergency and Resuscitation Medicine  MSc & PgD [PDF 103KB]
Gastroenterology MSc FT DL / MSc FT (15 Mths) / MSc FT (24 Mths) / MSc Pt DL / Pg Dip FT / Pg Dip FT DL / Pg Dip Pt DL
Gastroenterology (Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology) MSc 
Neuroscience and Translational Medicine MSc & PgC [PDF 102KB]
Orthopaedic Trauma Science MSc by DL [PDF 102KB]
Paediatric Emergency Medicine MSC, PgD & PgC [PDF 97KB]
Regenerative Medicine MSc [PDF 46KB]
Tactical, Military, Austere and Operational Medicine MSc & PgD by DL [PDF 102KB]
Trauma Sciences MSc by DL [PDF 100KB]
Trauma Science (Military & Humanitarian) MSc by DL [PDF 102KB]

Institute of Health Sciences Education

Programme Title  Route 
Education for Clinical Contexts MSc & PgC [PDF 101KB]
Clinical Education (Degree Apprenticeship) PgC [PDF 97KB]

Physician Associate Studies

(Programme runs Jan - Dec)

Jan 22 Start: MSc [PDF 102KB]

Jan 23 Start:MSc [PDF 102KB]

Physician Associate Studies (Degree Apprenticeship)

(programme runs Jan - Dec)

Jan 23 Start: MSc [PDF 102KB]
Prehospital Medicine MSc [PDF 97KB]

William Harvey Research Institute

Programme Title  Route 
Cardiac and Vascular Medicine MRes [PDF 98KB]
Clinical Drug Development MSc & PgD [PDF 102KB]/ MSc & PgD by DL [PDF 2,268KB]
Clinical Endocrinology  MSc & PgD [PDF 42KB] / MSc & PgD by DL [PDF 42KB]
Clinical Research MRes, PgD & PgC [PDF 97KB]
Critical Care MSc & PgD [PDF 520KB] / MSc & PgD by DL [PDF 100KB]
Endocrinology and Diabetes MSc [PDF 49KB]
Forensic Medical Sciences MSc [PDF 93KB]
Genomic Medicine MSc & PgD [PDF 104KB]/ PgC by DL [PDF 97KB]
Health Care Research Methods MSc & PgD [PDF 97KB]/ MSc & PgD by DL [PDF 2,103KB]
Molecular Medicine and Genomic Medicine
(double award with International Medical University) 
MSc [PDF 104KB]
Podiatric Sports Medicine MSc & PgD [PDF 103KB]
Sports and Exercise Medicine - Medic MSc & PgD [PDF 103KB]
Sports and Exercise Medicine - Physio MSc & PgD [PDF 104KB]
Sports and Exercise Medicine - Physio (MACP Accredited)  MSc & PgD [PDF 105KB]

Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Programme Title  Route 
Creative Arts and Mental Health MSc [PDF 101KB]
Forensic Psychology and Mental Health MSc [PDF 101KB]
Mental Health: Cultural Psychology and Psychiatry
MRes [PDF 94KB] / MSc & PgD [PDF 97KB]/ MSc & PgD [PDF 97KB]
Mental Health: Psychological Therapies MRes [PDF 94KB] / MSc & PgD [PDF 97KB] / MSc & PgD by DL [PDF 96KB]
Programme Title Route
Global Public Health (Queen Mary Online) MSc, PgD & PgC [PDF 99KB]
Global Public Health and Policy MRes [PDF 93KB] / MSc & PgD [PDF 96KB]
Health Data in Practice MRes [PDF 101KB]
Public Mental Health MSc [PDF 98KB]



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