Global Politics Unbound

Global Politics Unbound

Global Politics Unbound is an interdisciplinary research group within Queen Mary University of London’s School of Politics and International Relations. Our aim is to lead debates on transformations of global politics by pushing the boundaries of conceptual, empirical and methodological research in International Relations and cognate disciplines.

Rita Abrahamsen joins the SPIR as a visiting professor
5 July 2017

Abrahamsen is a Professor in the school of Public and International Affairs at University of Ottawa.

'Doing IPS' cluster organises a Workshop at University of London in Paris

'Doing IPS' research cluster is organising a one-day workshop on 'Doing International Political Sociology' at University of London in Paris. The workshop will be concluded by a panel featuring Ellie Knott (LSE), Engin Isin (QMUL), Phillipe Bondetti (Sci PO) and Jef Huysmans (QMUL- Chair).

More details on the event is accessible from ULIP website

International Political Sociology Cluster organises a cafe' style workshop on "Doing Transversal Research and Fracturing the international"
3 July 2017

The EU Enlargement and Gay Politics: The Impact of Eastern Enlargement on Rights, Activism and Prejudice (Palgrave Macmillan)